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Employment Opportunities

Professional General Management Services, Inc. encourages the best and brightest individuals to contact us to inquire into employment opportunities, regardless of current job postings. PGMS, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate based on anything, except that hard working, goal oriented individuals that otherwise qualify for a particular position will be earnestly considered for employment and advancement, subject to our particular needs as they may arise.

Professional General Management Services, Inc. holds the philosophy that, the strength of our company rests with our personnel. The strength of our personnel rests with managements continuing commitment for placement and advancement based on ability, initiative and ongoing training (“AIT”).

We are currently expanding our services and are looking for a "C" class Water / Wastewater Plant Operator and Field Techs.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to remain dedicated to efficient, compliant water utilities management on behalf of the company and our client entities.

Our Philosophy:

The greatest investment we can ever make is in ourselves. Take time to learn how to fly and we will watch you soar!

Our Goal:

To remain the best in our fields by providing the very best public service possible and to grow by our own achievements.

Code of Ethics:

It is my duty and responsibility to observe the highest ethical standards to protect public health and waters of the great State of Texas.

· I shall see that the operations and maintenance of utility facilities, the use of materials, management practices, construction, and all records keeping and reporting are economically and ethically sound and in the public interest;

· I shall submit true, complete and accurate documents in conjunction with all matters relating to the performance of my duties, including all reports and certifications;

· I shall not accept payment or benefit from any interested party other than my employer or client. Neither shall I accept any other employment which might in any degree adversely affect the performance of my duties or obligations to my employer or client;

· I shall act fairly and ethically in relationships with competitors and associates. I shall not offer or accept any payment or bribe in return for favorable consideration;

· I shall by all legitimate and reasonable means strive to improve the public understanding and appreciation of the services rendered by myself and my associates to the end that employment in public utility operations is recognized by all as a profession having great responsibility for the health and welfare of all people.

In accepting this Code of Ethics, I do fully understand and accept my obligations to my Nation, my State and my Community. I shall not fail.



This Code of Ethics, as recommended by the Advisory Committee for Water and Wastewater Operator Certification of the Texas Water Utilities Association to the Texas Water Comission, has been adopted by Professional General Management Services, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters:
26550 Ranch Road 12, Suite 1
Dripping Springs, TX 78620-4903

24 hours: 866-643-3472

9 am - 5pm   |   Monday - Friday
phone: (512) 894-3322
toll free: (866) 643-3472
fax: (512) 858-1414
email: [javascript protected email address]
Privacy Policy

Professional General Management Services, Inc. dba PGMS, Inc. is a water utility management company incorporated in the State of Texas for the purpose of managing municipal utility districts, water supply corporations, and private water companies. PGMS provides contract management  operations, maintenance, emergency services, meter reading, accounting, and billing & collection of water accounts for such entities.


Privacy Statement:

All personally-identifiable information gathered on this website is used strictly for the purposes of servicing your account, giving you credit for payment on your water utility account, subscribing you to a newsletter that you request, or other customer-related services that you request.

Except as required by the Texas Open Records Act or as otherwise required by law, your information will not be released to third parties.


Returns & Refunds Policy:

Except in the case of an incorrectly functioning water meter, it is our policy to not give refunds for water that has been consumed. 


Delivery Method & Timing:

Water is delivered to customer accounts through water meters after the customer's application has been approved.


Your Credit Card Statement

If you use our online payment system, your credit card statement will list the name of your water utility, for example, "Goldenwood West Water Supply Corporation" or PGMS, Inc. This is the DBA for your water utility system because PGMS is the Operator of Record.


PGMS is the operator of record for the following water utility systems:

  • Blanco River Ranch Subdivision
  • Bluebonnet Rural Water Supply Corporation
  • Briarwood - Woodlands Subdivision
  • Cade Lakes Water Supply Corporation
  • Capstone Ranch Subdivision
  • Central Washington County Water Supply Corporation
  • Channel Oaks Subdivision
  • Colonial Place Subdivision
  • Forest Glen Water System
  • Goldenwood West Water Supply Corporation
  • La Ventana Subdivision
  • Oak Forest Water Supply Corporation
  • Rebecca Creek Municipal Utility District
  • Skyline Ranch Water Supply Corporation
  • Stonewall Water Control and Improvement District
  • Vista Del Rio Water System
  • Wood Island Cooperative
  • City of Dripping Springs
  • Mystic Oaks Water Cooperative
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