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General Management Services

Professional General Management Services, Inc. believes that management is where responsibility and accountability become aligned. The position of general manager requires a global view of the water utility landscape and the ability to determine how the utility can be advantaged by this knowledge. Effective management is key to the continued success of the utility. Industry knowledge and experience is key to effective management. At PGMS, Inc., management is devoted to defining and redefining the art of management.

Project Management Services

Additional water resources, storage or treatment facilities, regulatory permits, funding options... and on and on. Utility construction planning in today’s environment may seem an overwhelming process, and it is. Professional project management simplifies this process. Project management fosters a team approach with other project professionals to ensure the project is properly planned, appropriately funded and constructed as designed.

Simply stated, the project management approach assures the success of the project. The Texas Water Development Board adopts and encourages this approach because it works. And this means more project dollars to allocate to new or additional infrastructure. PGMS, Inc. has achieved an impressive track record serving as project manager, and we stand ready to put those skills to work for your project.

Legislative Management Services

Nothing can be more devastating to a good idea or a well intended initiative than the unintended consequence of legislation. Competing interest are highly intense and it is now more essential than ever to have a voice at all levels of government. PGMS, Inc. provides legislative management services and has been a positive voice on agency rule making initiatives and key legislative initiatives since the 75th legislature. PGMS continues to advocate for sound water utility public policy across all regulatory agencies. PGMS, Inc. remains an active member with leading industry organizations, including the American Water Works Association, Texas Utilities Association, Texas Rural Water Association, Texas Water Conservation Association and the Association of Water Board Directors of Texas.

Regulatory Compliance

The cost of regulatory compliance may be great, but the cost of non-compliance can be far greater. Professional General Management Services, Inc. believes the most efficient path to compliant water and wastewater utility operations is the classical approach. After all, AWWA standards are used to promulgate regulatory requirements. PGMS, Inc. depends on its Office of Regulatory Compliance to clarify areas of utility compliance concerns. This keeps our client utility and PGMS, Inc. in good stead with the regulatory community.

Corporate Headquarters:
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Dripping Springs, TX 78620-4903

24 hours: 866-643-3472

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Privacy Policy

Professional General Management Services, Inc. dba PGMS, Inc. is a water utility management company incorporated in the State of Texas for the purpose of managing municipal utility districts, water supply corporations, and private water companies. PGMS provides contract management  operations, maintenance, emergency services, meter reading, accounting, and billing & collection of water accounts for such entities.


Privacy Statement:

All personally-identifiable information gathered on this website is used strictly for the purposes of servicing your account, giving you credit for payment on your water utility account, subscribing you to a newsletter that you request, or other customer-related services that you request.

Except as required by the Texas Open Records Act or as otherwise required by law, your information will not be released to third parties.


Returns & Refunds Policy:

Except in the case of an incorrectly functioning water meter, it is our policy to not give refunds for water that has been consumed. 


Delivery Method & Timing:

Water is delivered to customer accounts through water meters after the customer's application has been approved.


Your Credit Card Statement

If you use our online payment system, your credit card statement will list the name of your water utility, for example, "Goldenwood West Water Supply Corporation" or PGMS, Inc. This is the DBA for your water utility system because PGMS is the Operator of Record.


PGMS is the operator of record for the following water utility systems:

  • Blanco River Ranch Subdivision
  • Bluebonnet Rural Water Supply Corporation
  • Briarwood - Woodlands Subdivision
  • Cade Lakes Water Supply Corporation
  • Capstone Ranch Subdivision
  • Central Washington County Water Supply Corporation
  • Channel Oaks Subdivision
  • Colonial Place Subdivision
  • Forest Glen Water System
  • Goldenwood West Water Supply Corporation
  • La Ventana Subdivision
  • Oak Forest Water Supply Corporation
  • Rebecca Creek Municipal Utility District
  • Skyline Ranch Water Supply Corporation
  • Stonewall Water Control and Improvement District
  • Vista Del Rio Water System
  • Wood Island Cooperative
  • City of Dripping Springs
  • Mystic Oaks Water Cooperative
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